The Golden Ponies

OK, so I wanted to do a “You Rock!” post to the developers and community involved with producing the Edgy Eft. Maybe my brain is fried by too much Ubuntu work, but I decided to do the inaugural First Semiannual Golden Pony Awards.

And the awards go to …

Best Director: mdz (aka Matt Zimmerman) for his role in “Men in Black … Shades” .
Best Producer: sabdfl (aka Mark Shuttleworth) for his stunning performance in “Space Cowboy” and “Million Dollar Baby: The Ubuntu Story

Best Performance in a Tragedy: rodarvus (aka Rodrigo Novo) for his work in “Dude, where’s my Xorg?

Most Hugs Given in a Release Cycle: dholbach (aka Daniel Holbach) for his leading role in “Undercover Frenchman
Best Soundtrack: cbx33 (aka Pete Savage) for his work on “Africa: The Serengeti

Best Portrayal of a Villain: doko (aka Matthias Klose) for his performaces in “Python Policy on a Plane” and “To Kill a Buildd Queue” (darn those OO.o uploads 😉 )

Best Stuntwork: Launchpad Development Team for their work on “Taming of the UI

Best Performance in an Educational Distro: ogra (aka Oliver Grawert) for his work on “Over the Edge: Edubuntu Development

Release-long Achievement Award: crimsun (aka Daniel Chen) for his tireless work for the Ubuntu community, photographic URL memory, endless support for Universe maintainers and contributors, helping us hear Ubuntu, wikipedia-like knowledge, and being a generally swell guy. His most important works include “While You Were Sleeping…I Fixed Universe“, “Flash“, “Changing Universe“, and “The Sound of Music: ALSA and You

All Edgy awardees , here’s your pony:

Golden Pony

See you in April/May for the next Golden Ponies!

P.S. If anybody wants to contribute a better looking “Golden Pony” award I’d be grateful

P.S.S In all seriousness, the Ubuntu development community rocks, thanks!

 Edit: After an IRC tantrum (“Hobbsee wanna pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) and threats with a big pointy stick, a missing Golden Pony was discovered on the shelf for:

Best Performance by a Leading Lady:  Hobbsee (aka Sarah Hobbs) for her stunning work in “The Beauty and the KDELibs” and “Doom 4: The Long Pointy Stick


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