REVU Sprint Success

The MOTU (Ubuntu Universe developers) decided a clean up of the community contributed package review system, REVU, was needed. Normally we plan a REVU Day once a month or so, but we decided to do a 3-day REVU Sprint this time.

What is REVU?

Basically what happens is anybody who wants to contribute a source package to Ubuntu Universe can upload to the REVU server (make sure read the REVU wiki page first). Once on REVU, MOTUs review the package and give feedback. Once a MOTU is satisfied that the package is good quality and properly packaged they can give it a +1 vote. Once a package gets 2 MOTU votes it gets uploaded for inclusion in Ubuntu.

REVU Sprint Results

144 uploads (package updates and fixes)
144 comments (reviewers giving feedback/suggestions)
12 brand new apps entering Ubuntu Universe:

  • klavaro – A very flexible touch typing tutor
  • dopi – Upload songs on your Apple iPod
  • keytouch – A program to configure the extra function keys of the keyboard
  • innotop – Top like query monitor for MySQL
  • idjc – Graphical shoutcast/icecast client
  • aeskulap – A medical image viewer and DICOM network client
  • klear – DVB TV viewer and harddisk recorder for KDE
  • gnaural – A programmable binaural-beat audio generator
  • extract-xiso – Backup tool for .iso’s images of XBox Games
  • kamefu – KDE All Machine Emulator Frontend for Unix
  • nautilus-share – Nautilus extension to share folder using samba
  • konq-plugin-digg – plugin for Konqueror

3 updated packages for existing apps uploaded

  • supertux – Classic 2D jump ‘n run sidescroller with Tux
  • fai – Fully Automatic Installation
  • pyspf – Sender policy framework (SPF) module for Python


The REVU Sprint was a big success for us and the community. Giving the Ubuntu community a chance to contribute to their OS is one of the biggest strengths of our distro. One of the keys to generating contributions is quick feedback and acknowledgment of work done by contributors. As Mark has blogged recently, collaboration is a key element of free software and we are utilizing IRC, REVU, and in the future bzr/Launchpad to make collaborative contribution of software to Ubuntu relatively easy, timely, and fun.

If you want to contribute or learn how to package stop by #ubuntu-motu on or our wiki page or mailing list.
Special thanks goes out to Stefan Potyra, Barry deFreese, Reinhard Tartler, and Daniel Holbach.
Let’s make Feisty rock!


2 thoughts on “REVU Sprint Success

  1. Great work! If you guys would keep up this pace all the time we wouldn’t have such a large candidates page on the wiki. I there a shortage of MOTU’ers?

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