Feisty in REVU

OK, so now that Universe Feature Freeze is in effect I think it’s time for a final Feisty REVU report. Since my last report we’ve had the following REVU activity:

New Packages uploaded to Universe: 21+
REVU package uploads/updates: 167
REVU comments/reviews: 258

So that means since I’ve we’ve (MOTU) have been keeping track of uploads (roughly December 20th 2006) we’ve added at least 53 new packages to Universe!

The next thing to look at is if we can get some of these packages into Debian. According to Lucas’ scripts we have 637 packages in Multiverse and Universe that aren’t in Debian. Of course some of them aren’t suitable for Debian but the vast majority probably are. I would encourage any of you who contributed packages to REVU to consider talking to the Debian Mentors ( website and mailing list ) team.


3 thoughts on “Feisty in REVU

  1. So, what happens to packages that are out of date? LIke tunapie? I filled bug-reports about it, but nobody did anything about it. Now, its feature freeze, and they will never update the package to the more recent upstream version..

    If i’m not mistaken?

  2. Ralf, the deadline for new upstream releases was Feb. 2nd. You filed your bug on Feb 21st. tunapie was merged from Debian once for Feisty already. Our 6 month release cycle means that later in the cycle when we are freezing everything to fix bugs and make things stable we will often be behind Debian.

  3. But what if it fixes bugs? Such as the no-icon bug .. (it has an icon, but the .desktop file doesn’t link to it)

    Secondly, something I was wondering about… what about the packages that are completely broken? (they do not launch for anybody or lack all of their functionality due to a bug)

    If they aren’t fixed on time, will they be removed? Perhaps this would be a good idea?

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