Edubuntu docs in the house!

The edubuntu-docs package first appeared in Universe during Dapper. After 2 releases the edubuntu-docs package has finally made it to Main. The Edubuntu Handbook (first called the Edubuntu Cookbook) has also been in the works since Dapper and is making its debut in Feisty as well. I added an About Edubuntu menu item to the Gnome System menu thanks to help from Sebastien Bacher. Matthew East also provided an awesome patch to the Gnome Help Center frontpage that shows a link to the Edubuntu Handbook if the edubuntu-docs package is installed (see screenshot below). Awesome!

Help Center with Edubuntu Handbook

The Edubuntu Handbook is still very much a work in progress, but the team was able to put together a reasonable first showing at what will become a guide to installing, configuring, and managing an Edubuntu workstation or LTSP server. We even managed to talk about the new Thin Client Manger and Server Addon CD. Of course there’s always more help needed so hop on #edubuntu on if you’re interested in helping out.

Help Center with Edubuntu Handbook

I think the Edubuntu Handbook is an awesome example of the Ubuntu community spirit. Beyond the help of Matt and Sebastien, virtually everyone in the Edubuntu team has helped with the Handbook at some point. Mario Đanić, Susan Stewart, Andrea Veri, and Robin Shepheard kinda got things going, then we also had Jonathan Carter, Will van der Leij, Richard Johnson, and Pete Savage also pitching in. We got awesome expert help from Oliver Grawert, the Edubuntu developer, as well as LTSP developers Scott Balneaves and Jim McQuillan. Richard Johnson (of Kubuntu and Chicago LoCo fame) also helped out a ton getting things into the Ubuntu Doc Team svn repo and working on packaging. There’s probably more people I’m forgetting, but I just wanted to show how much of a community effort it was.

Rock on Edubuntu! Rock on Ubuntu community! Rock on Feisty!


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