Some blogging news

If everything went right this is a post to let everyone know that I’ve moved my blog off of to has really improved their offering and I found that I could easily set up a theme that matched my drupal theme on I set up a redirect that should get people to the new blog url but I’m not sure if permalinks are broken. Considering how unused my blog is I’m not going to worry about it.

Other news! Today (after a suggestion from imbrandon) I also setup a separate blog for Behind MOTU at WordPress. I tried to make the theme sort of Ubuntu-ish but if anybody has a suggestion on making it better let me know. My friends and family know I’m a scientist and not a graphics designer :-).

The Behind MOTU blog is a place were I can highlight the MOTU community (MOTUs as well as MOTU Hopefuls), what they are doing, and a little bit about who they are. I’m trying to roughly do one interview per week and I might fill in the gaps with some MOTU news and info. So tell your friends 🙂


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