To core-dev and beyond

Phew. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything. I’ve been busy with research, the house, life, and a cool project I’ll blog about at a later date.

So this Tuesday I became an Ubuntu Core Developer. I’m actually very humbled and greatly appreciative of this new responsibility. I have a lot of things I’d like to do, especially with Edubuntu and it’s very humbling to think that people trust me in this way. Wow! I hope I don’t screw up anyone’s machine 🙂

I’d really like to thank the Ubuntu developer community for being so open, helpful, and empowering. When I first started out in this community I was a chemist with no programming or development experience. I was pretty sure I wasn’t even going to make it as a MOTU, let alone a core developer. As time went on, and people like Daniel Holbach, Oliver Grawert, and Daniel Chen, taught me and mentored me, I really found an open source community I could belong to. I worked harder (as I was allowed) and tried to pass along my knowledge and what I learned from my mistakes to others along the way. In the process I gained friends, an appreciation for the hard work that goes into my operating system, and what an open community committed to each other and their goals can do. So thank you to everyone who helped me along my way. I hope I can accomplish some things worthwhile to contribute back to Ubuntu.

P.S. Yes, I’ll get some Behind MOTU interviews out soonish.


Free as in …

Hola Rich,

While I appreciate your concerns and promotion of Freedom, I’m not sure about who the “we” mentioned in your post are. If you mean Ubuntu users then I seriously doubt they have a common goal “to advocate the use of free software”. If you mean Ubuntu developers or the Ubuntu project then I think equally a statement like:

“We support projects like Defective by Design and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and we stand together against things like DRM, the RIAA, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. “

by no means represents all of us. So while it might seem hypocritical to you to limit the usage of blog posts, such a blanket statement seems like a big simplification of reality. Indeed it would probably be hypocritical if you said it considering your advocacy. I, on the other hand have never supported the projects you mentioned and I have some concern about people/sites who use my writings simply for monetary gain. If I were to use CC-BY-NC licensing on my blog I don’t think it would in any way be hypocritical.

So, again thanks for the advocacy Rich, I feel it’s very important, but remember you aren’t everyone in Ubuntu or Planet Ubuntu either.