Hi, my name is Jordan and I’m an Ubuntu addict

So, it’s been two weeks since I started my “break” from things Ubuntu. So far it’s been very frustrating (“I wonder what’s going on in #ubuntu-motu?”) but also very helpful. I’ve been getting my PhD back on track, and will even be starting some research in ultrafast laser spectroscopy next month. I also managed to get the automatic sprinkler system for my house rebuilt. I still have a long ways to go though to get Ubuntu out my system, but I’m getting there. Who needs drugs when you’ve got a community like this? 😉

Here are some things I’ve been doing (maybe some day I’ll write a 12-step method and put it on the Ubuntu wiki):

  • using a RSS client (I’m really liking Google Reader) extensively. You have better control over what you read, can see everything at one place, and you can check it once or twice a day and just do it all in a chunk of time. Rather than spending hours wandering around the web looking at cool sites and mailing list archives, I now go through my daily “stack” in roughly 10-20 minutes. BTW, gmane RSS feeds are quite nice.
  • using email instead of IRC. It’s not as fun for me personally, as I like the personal interaction of IRC, but being able to respond when I have free time or according to a schedule is much better time management than “real time”.
  • writing smaller emails. One of the pitfalls for me is that I tend to be very wordy so an email can take me upwards of 30 minutes to write. I’m trying to get better at writing short, more IM like emails.
  • getting a life. Nothing prevents Ubuntu-holism like having a healthy real life. It might sound trivial, but when the Ubuntu community is your best friend (and probably only friend) then you might have an issue. Take some time to go outside, spend a weekend doing something non-computer related.

Finally, I’d like to say that the response from the Ubuntu community has been really encouraging to me personally. Thanks for understanding. Also thank you to those people who have stepped up to “fill in” on the projects I’m unable to keep up with. And don’t worry, I’m not gone for good. In the words of the Governor of California, “I’ll be back.”


3 thoughts on “Hi, my name is Jordan and I’m an Ubuntu addict

  1. The Ubuntu community, and its related IRC channels, are definitely addictive. My own “break” made me realize how much I enjoyed talking to people over IRC, even if it meant I don’t get anything done all day at all.

    The people in Ubuntu are wonderful! That’s another thing I rediscovered during my absence (and my blog posts), and another source of Ubuntu addiction. Makes me miss everyone more. But I have to get my head straight first.

    Good luck with your own vacation. Hope to bump into you again in IRC soonish. 🙂

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