Taking a break: round 2

Well, if you might remember, I decided to take a break from Ubuntu back in July. Well, it sorta worked, but sorta not. It’s been very difficult for me to break away from the project and people I love. Additionally, I’ve seen more and more things that I’d like to do around the community and am starting to get sucked back into an insane load. Anyway, I need to to go “cold turkey” for a while and get some real life stuff in order. Here’s where I could use some help:

  • Ubuntu Nevada LoCo team needs a leader.
  • My role as MOTU-Launchpad liaison needs somebody or some team to take over. I just don’t have time to do it justice and it’s pretty important. If you are interested in MOTU and how MOTU can help make Launchpad better for the team let me know.
  • The Ubuntu Tex and MOTU Science teams need attention.

I will still be blogging (still have some topics in the todo list), but won’t be on IRC or doing a lot with the mailing list for a couple weeks.


One thought on “Taking a break: round 2

  1. Laserjock I am interested in MOTU and how lt MOTU can make launchpad better. Maybe it would be better if I was a part of a team as I am still learning about Ubuntu/linux. But I do want to help the community more. Let me know if I can help.


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