GSoC: final look at Bootloader Manager

So, summer is well over and I realize that I never did a final blog post (the first two are here and here) on the Google Summer of Code project I mentored. So here’s a bit of a wrap-up on what Tomé Vardasca got done:

  • the UI has been redone to look more like a configuration tool than a standalone application (see below)
  • automatic detection of Windows and other OSes using os-prober. Accidentally lost your Windows grub entry? Good for you! I mean, no problem we can detect it. 🙂
  • preview of what the menu will look like. It’s nice not to have to reboot just to adjust colors or splash images.
  • lots of configuration options for boot entries

Now that the summer is over you can get more information on the project from these places:

Thanks Tomé and have at it everybody!


Main menu, appearance, and security settings

UBM MenuUBM Apperance 1UBM Apperance 2UBM Security

Editing and adding menu items

UBM EditingUBM Adding 1UBM Adding 2UBM Adding 3


5 thoughts on “GSoC: final look at Bootloader Manager

  1. Nice job. I can’t wait to try it out. Could the side bar for editing/adding menu items be eliminated, please? It seems to me like there is a lot of wasted space as those buttons could be fitted to the bottom of the dialog in a hbox nicely.

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