How do I …

use svn-buildpackage with the following repository (Debichem if you want to know):




This sort of layout doesn’t seem to be standard and *-buildpackage are confusing me. Are *-buildpackage tools really worth it? Is it easier to just export the debian/ directory into an unpacked upstream tarball?

Also, as sort of a dare, does anybody know if hg,git,bzr-buildpackage will work off of such a SVN repo?


going against the grain

Well, of course I have to go against the grain and say -1 to Robert’s cry for eliminating self-produced bug mail. I like getting the bug mail from Launchpad when I file/comment on/work on a bug. It lets me keep track of what I’ve been doing.

On a somewhat related note, after talking with other developers I appear to be in the minority who primarily use Launchpad’s web interface when doing bug work. How about you? Do you primarily use the web or email interface? or perhaps a python-launchpad-bugs script like bughelper, etc.?