going against the grain

Well, of course I have to go against the grain and say -1 to Robert’s cry for eliminating self-produced bug mail. I like getting the bug mail from Launchpad when I file/comment on/work on a bug. It lets me keep track of what I’ve been doing.

On a somewhat related note, after talking with other developers I appear to be in the minority who primarily use Launchpad’s web interface when doing bug work. How about you? Do you primarily use the web or email interface? or perhaps a python-launchpad-bugs script like bughelper, etc.?


4 thoughts on “going against the grain

  1. web interface! ;).

    Strange enough, I’ve only used the email interface once so far, and that was due to 230350 constantly timing out on unstable.

    Even more strange, though I’ve been a happy user of one of the first script (that one that filed a bug targetted at the merge web tool… iirc that script was written by \sh and siretart), I have long stopped using any lp scripts, and file all workflow bugs – e.g. syncs – still by hand.


  2. er… first sentence should be: “… timing out on lp stable”. I guess I shouldn’t think of merging from unstable when writing comments 😛

  3. I like self-comments via e-mail, because Gmail threads it all very nicely, and when the next person comments on the bug, I don’t have to go to LP to remind myself of what I’ve said, because it’s there in Gmail.
    -1 to the idea of no self-comment mail
    +1 to the idea of making it optional whether to get self-comments or not.

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