How do I …

use svn-buildpackage with the following repository (Debichem if you want to know):




This sort of layout doesn’t seem to be standard and *-buildpackage are confusing me. Are *-buildpackage tools really worth it? Is it easier to just export the debian/ directory into an unpacked upstream tarball?

Also, as sort of a dare, does anybody know if hg,git,bzr-buildpackage will work off of such a SVN repo?

2 thoughts on “How do I …

  1. Hi,

    If you have bzr-svn 0.4.10 and bzr-builddeb 0.95
    then the following should work:

    bzr builddeb svn://…/experimental/foo/debian/

    You should end up with a directory called “build-area”
    in your current working directory with the packages
    in it.

    If you already have these svn repositories checked
    out on disk then just “cd” in to one and run “bzr builddeb”.

    There’s a bug in bzr 1.5 that means it won’t like
    talking to over http. I expect the same thing
    happens if you use http to talk to svn.d.o over http. I think
    you can avoid this by installing “python-pycurl”, or using
    svn:// or svn+ssh:// transports.

    If you have any problems then please file bugs and I
    will try and fix them.



  2. Hi,

    Use the svn-bp:tagsUrl SVN property on debian/:
    % svn propget svn-bp:tagsUrl svn+ssh://

    Unfortunately, this requires hardcoding your svn root; I filed a bug a while ago to request substitutions vars. :-/


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