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OK, so rather than my usually long and boring posts I’m going to try to do some smaller/quicker posts just so I can get some thoughts out without it turning into some boring epic that nobody wants to read 😉

  • the latest discussion about appropriateness of Planet Ubuntu posts – even though Stephan can’t seem to stay out of trouble I really feel that the problem is with this one little sentence: “Planet Ubuntu is a window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors.” I think we’ve perhaps grown too large to not limit aggregation to Ubuntu-related posts. [Edit: After some further thought I think I might change my position a bit. I’ll give more info in a follow-up post]
  • upcoming Ubuntu QA team meeting – tomorrow (23rd) at 17:00UTC we’ll be having a meeting in #ubuntu-meeting. There’s a few agenda items that people might be interested in so if you’d like to contribute feel free to drop by.
  • hiking this weekend – my wife and I hiked Mt. Rose this weekend with some friends from church. Total the hike was ~10.6 miles (17 km) and had a ~1,900 ft. (579 m) elevation gain. We started at 8,900 ft. (2710 m) and it took us 7 hrs to hike to the summit, eat a quick lunch, and get back to the trailhead. You skinny hiking fanatics might not be impressed, but it was the longest/hardest hike I’ve done.
  • related to the previous item, anybody have a good suggestion on a place to put pics of my hike and other events? I’ve heard both good and bad things about Picasa and Flickr, what would you suggest? I’m looking for a pretty easy, simple, storage and sharing site.

5 thoughts on “random bits

  1. I think it would be sad if they started to remove off-topic posts from the planet. It is not hard to figure out from the title of the post and the first few lines if it is on-topic or not.

  2. The thing is, even if we did decide to impose limits, Stephan’s posting was somewhat relevant to Ubuntu. To me it appeared as a reply to the Fedora kerfuffle from someone else with an Ubuntu viewpoint, albeit a minority one.

  3. I still think Flickr is the gold standard for photo sharing even for the free account. There are some good sites there like smugmug, but it is subscription based, so my vote is still with Flickr.

  4. “The thing is, even if we did decide to impose limits, Stephan’s posting was somewhat relevant to Ubuntu”

    Exactly. Whereas a lot of the complainers often post things that have no relevance to Ubuntu. So if the method of segregating posts were used, then it would be their posts that would be removed.

    “Stephan can’t seem to stay out of trouble…”

    This is related to the limits question. The folks that complain about Stephen’s posts, are basically saying, it is our moral compass that is right for everyone. They act like they are trying to protect us from posts of his. Please. No one would even realize a lot of what he had said, other than the technical stuff, if folks weren’t complaining, AND misrepresenting.

    For instance he said bug 0.1 was the problem of humans, and nothing short of genocide would solve that. He could have just as well said “as long as there are people on the planet, we will have conflicts. When humans are gone, conflicts will end.” We all know that is exactly what he meant has his post shows. However, dude then acts like Stephen is advocating genocide. You have got to be seriously kidding me, that mentioning the word, and in that fashion, can be so twisted.

    You can be sure that were the planet to be split and posts moved around, the same complainers and fabricators would continue their rants.

    We’re not all Christian folks. If I wanted UbuntuCE, I would download that.

  5. I started out with flickr, but changed to picasa when I found out that you can only have 3 albums (for free) with flickr.
    I hate the picasaweb interface, but there are a lot of ways to show the picasaweb albums in another webpage.

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