Warning: US politics ahead, read at your own risk 😉

This weekend has been quite exciting. I’m totally jazzed about McCain’s pick for VP. Sarah Palin sounds like an absolutely phenomenal, albeit a bit risky, pick and for the first time in this election cycle I’m actually wanting to get involved. Previously, I wasn’t voting for somebody so much as voting against somebody else. Finally, somebody who resonates with me is running and I’m excited. /me goes to find some yard signs 🙂

P.S I’m starting a “politics” category for my blog so Planet Ubuntu will be spared too much political ranting.

27 thoughts on “excited

  1. I agree completely. I got so excited when I heard her speak. I think that she will be a fantastic VP. I have also recently listened to the “Saddleback Civil Forum” with Rick Warren asking questions to McCain and Obama. It was fantastic. I highly recommend that every person whether of voting age or not watch this. I knew who I was voting for before watching this but it just solidified it for me.

  2. Yay!

    I’m not the only Conservative in Ubuntu!

    I really like Palin too! I hope she can sway McCain on his energy policy though.

  3. Ubuntu has this phrase on their webpage: “Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others'”.

    It amazes me that someone can advocate for that while also advocating for the presidential candidate who is pro-torture and pro-war.

    Not to mention that the Republicans have been rabidly pro Microsoft for many years.

    The ability of humans to compartmentalize things always amazes me.

  4. John McCain supporters: For some reason, you like the path America is taking (a.k.a. ignorance)
    Barack Obama supporters: At least they realize ‘change’ needs to come, policies almost identical to McCain
    Third party supporters: The only supporters who realize the two-party system is corrupt.

  5. Uh oh. You posted this on the Ubuntu, get ready to hear about it on Monday G:)

    Glad you like her. Actually I started digging into her and find her appealing as well. I would actually vote for her if I could handle McCain. I cannot. I’m not suggesting you should change your vote by any means, vote your conscience. That’s what I am going to do.

    Actually all of the people I know personally are voting third party this election. I think either way, it’s going to be an interesting election all around.

    Though I know you will be hearing complaints for this being on Ubuntu, I don’t thin you should HAVE to hear those complaints or start a separate category. Planet ubuntu is for the LIVES of those involved in Ubuntu. We need to stop being so walking on glashish. I’d be just as glad to hear from an Obama supporter or a third party supporter. Having this PERSONAL WINDOW into the lives of you ubuntu people, makes you more REAL.

  6. I doubt people will actually complain about the post on the planet. He did put up a disclaimer, and lots of people have previously posted political posts on planet Ubuntu with little to no complaints, I doubt it will be an issue.

    I’m not really a fan of Palin, she’s way too far-right for me. I actually find Jordan’s views interesting and I appreciate it. He’s the first American who I know and trust and have respect for who supports McCain and Palin, so I’m quite interested to see his future posts on the subject and learn more about his reasoning behind giving his support for them.

  7. Hi Jordan,
    Honestly, it’s very difficult for me to understand that.
    I went to Palin’s Wikipedia page you link to, and took a look at the “Political positions” part. I’m French, living in France, so I’m not very familiar with US politics.
    Well, basically I do not agree on almost all of her ideas. Some of them would be considered far right ideas here.
    But I will just take one idea: creationism and evolution at school (even though she tempered that afterwards). You homepage says “PhD in Physical Chemistry – working on new uses of cavity ringdown spectroscopy”. It really seems incredible to me that you could support someone in favor of this particular idea. I mean, when you have such understanding of science, etc. how could you believe in creationism and evolution?
    Of course I can imagine that some people in the USA agree with these ideas (although they are really the kind of ideas I hate), but the fact that someone like you does confuses me.

  8. Disclaimer :
    – I’m not an American so I will not vote.
    – I’m very interested in the US election because I believe that USA impacts a lot the world (in good and bad).
    – I like Obama a lot and I’m really glad to see someone like him running at the US elections
    – I will be really worried if McCain is elected.

    Ok, the disclaimer was just to put this in the context. My message is the following : I like to read post like this on planet.ubuntu. I think that politic is very important.

    You will probably get a lot of childish comments : “All Ubuntu fans should support Obama, McCain is pro-Microsoft, blablabla”. Please, forget them !

    I really hate the one way thinking, one truth, if you disagree you are not my friend anymore. So far, I was sawing too much Obama fans in the free software world and I was a bit worried. I’m glad that I can read some other opinion.

    It would be very interesting to read you on why you are “against” Obama. In order to publish that on planet.ubuntu, you could say why you think that McCain is better for free softwares or simply why you think that McCain is better for stuff that are really more important than softwares.

    Even if I politcally disagree with you, I wish you good luck and I advise you to be involved in the campaign if you can.

    And to those who will bash you with Obama, just reply : “We can disagree and still be friends”.

  9. I’m an American, but from the South, and we really! know about the US politics, and I know that is not going to change much, with Obama or McCain, is just the same…. so, i just wanna know something: How is it possible that the most “democratic” country in the world (at least that is what they say) just get, and always get, two candidates for president????!!!! maybe, i just don’t know what is democracy….but in the last president election in my country we get like 10 or maybe more candidates for president…. almost anybody can be a candidate… if that is not freedom of choice or democracy, i don’t know what it is….

    ” I have a dream…..” that some day the US people realize they are not free

  10. Good on you Jordan! making an informed choice and not being afraid to speak up. I thought I was the only conservative in whole FOSS world for some time but I’ve met and know there are others. What most don’t understand in US Presidential and other Federal elections is that the US is a representative republic, not a strict democracy; tricky thing balancing States vs. Federal rights.

    Fwiw: I have a degree in Political Science, live in Texas and vote in every election right down to county clerk and school board.

    Btw: If anyone ever wants to see US government up close, please attend your local school board meeting and you will quickly learn why US schools/students are falling behind. I’ve had many ‘palm meet the face’ moments at those meetings.

  11. @TheGZeus:
    It’s not disingenuous at all. I was going to, and will, write much more, but left it just as a short statement, hence sparing people who aren’t interested from a lengthy post. I also created the category to put additional posts wouldn’t be appropriate for Planet Ubuntu. Additionally, my warning was so that people who don’t care can skip over it. I suppose I could’ve not put it, but considering a lot of stuff going on with Planet I thought it might be appropriate. Sorry if that didn’t come across right.

  12. I find it disingenuous that you say you want to spare planet ubuntu politcal content in the same breath as both saying it and warning us.
    A: If you have to warn someone about something you’re going to say, don’t say it.
    B: If you want to spare us, spare us from the getgo.
    C: If the tag was about sparing us, you’d have not tagged it with both.

  13. It seems a lot of countries like Obama more than McCain. I’m not knowledgeable to US Politics, but it looks interesting nonetheless. But then, we’re not the ones voting 🙂

    Whoever the Americans choose, the rest of the world will (and should learn to) respect that. The important thing is that you made a choice and stood for it by voting!

  14. This is interesting Jordan. Like other people here, I am wondering how a FOSS contributor can be a republican. The ideals just don’t jive together. In most cases I’d dismiss such a post with another “wth? crazy people…” but I am interested in reading why you feel that Palin and the republican party “resonate” with you.

    I like how you handled the disclaimer and notifying us how to continue reading these posts if interested.

    @Adri2000: They are considered far right ideas in some parts of the country. And then Obama is considered far left by some (and not only republicans). Of course in the big picture and in general republicans and democrats are both slightly right and not that far apart.

    @Frewsxcv: In general I agree, but I think I like the democratic candidate enough this election to vote for him. And to be honest, I don’t think I would consider voting for a third party in a state that counted, but I strongly consider it here in MA. Also, more importantly, what third party offers a compelling option? In particular, one that wasn’t already available in the primaries and lost (thinking about candidates such as Kucinich and Gravel here)?

  15. To be honest I don’t mind you voicing your political opinion, though I disagree with your choice (mainly your choice to vote for the office of president while the Electoral College exists. I’m voting for my friend Mike(again)).
    What bothered me was the incongruities I saw in the syntax.
    I don’t use GNOME, but if I was on a box that had it running and noiced a bug I’d report it. 😉

  16. FYI:
    – Obama is pro net neutrality, McCain is not.
    – Obama is pro open standards, McCain is “pro free market”.

    If you are serious about Technology and actually learn about what each candidate is about, you’ll quickly realize Obama is the only choice. He cares enough about it to make it one of his top issues where it doesn’t even show up on McCain’s website. Take a look for yourself.



  17. To people who call themselves conservative, I have to ask:
    What are you conserving?

    1) Conservatives don’t believe we need to take a proactive approach to the environment.
    2) Conservatives appear to believe that the glory days of our country were the 1920’s-60’s — when you couldn’t be black/female/Catholic/Jewish without suffering from discrimination.
    3) Conservatives defiantly don’t care about preserving our freedoms.

    It puzzles me that some of them think that the freedom to own guns is more important then all the other freedoms put together. My family all has guns, and I think that is a good thing. But, I don’t vote NRA/Republican as I think it is more important that:
    1) we are not held with out charge,
    2) we are not watched all the time,
    3) we can do what we want to our bodies,
    4) we can assemble and associate with out fear of government reprisals,
    5) we are not tortured with out charge,
    6) we do not use tax revenu to support religious institutions (yes to Salvation Army, no to “faith based” social programs)
    7) etc.

    Just read about the “preemptive arrests” in the last few weeks. We do not have our Constitution/BoR intact — the founding fathers would weep.

    I can’t believe that anybody who would be willing to vote for the U.S. Republican party at the National level in this election; they need to take at TIME-OUT and learn to respect the people.

    While I never voted for Clinton (Bill or Hillary), when Bill was Pres. Microsoft was in court, and they were not pushing useless upgrade crap on people. They had to give uninstall options, and they had to pay out a lot of money (mostly to lawyers). I didn’t like them either — but they were better then Bush/McCain anti-consumer settlements.

  18. You are obviously an intelligent and considered person, at lest in some ways — so your post kept eating at me. Why? Why? Why?

    Finally, I found an answer that made sense. The guess is that you just love being a contrarian.

    Perhaps that is why you love Linux in a Windows world. It explains why, in a group where people are anything-but-Republican (Libertarian, Pirate, Constitution, Green, and even Democratic), you go out of your way to advertise that you want the craziest part of the Republican party represented on the ticket.

    Also, I came back with the hope that I could edit my last comment — why would I use a word as vague and lame as proactive?

  19. Hrm, looks like I was confused in my comment with creationism and evolution (just realized when reading now).
    My point was that Palin is pro *creationism* at school, and that I couldn’t understand how you, as a scientist, could believe in such things.

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  21. So… after her disasterous interviews are you still jumping on the Palin crazy bandwagon? She is a crazy idiot and so are her supporters.

  22. @mike – you are, obviously, a sheep. Baaaaa.

    Bill Clinton spoke often, shortly after leaving office, about the tactic of vilifying people rather than discussing the issues. He rallied against it and indicated that it does a great injustice to our political system. As an independent conservative I had several issues with Bill’s policies but I completely agreed with him on some issues, This was one of them.

    I find it funny how the Democrats consider themselves to be “enlightened” yet don’t even follow the wisdom of one of their own champions. Rather they move to vilify McCain/Palin rather than seriously discuss the issues. How then can I take them seriously when they imply that THEY are the ones who are telling me the truth?

    Personally I wish I could cut pieces from both Obama & McCain and create my own candidate. Since that is not possible I’ll have to vote for the candidate that supports most of the issues I consider the most important.

    I would remind everyone that the polls in both 2000 and 2004 said that George Bush was going to lose. If I was a “lefty” I’d seriously consider changing tactics. They were a turnoff then and are a turnoff now.

  23. @YourNeighbor:

    sheep? You must be assuming that I can’t make up my mind for myself that Sarah Palin is an unqualified idiot. If you can’t see that, you are also an idiot. If you think I am calling her that merely because i’m a democrat (as you seem to be so sure of) then you are mistaken.

    OK… so… seriously discuss the issues then… I’ll tell you an issue: America potentially has someone in the no.2 position who has already shown to be buckling under the stresses of having broadcast interviews, let alone having to make actual important decisions that affect not only you but those around the world. She exhibits no understanding of economic policy as evidenced by her contradictory babbling. She thinks she has foreign policy experience because she lives between Canada and Russia? come on Republicans… you’re seriously going to let this idiot go to the white house? You know you deserve better you’re just to pissed that democrat supporters are 100% correct that she is a liability.

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