Edubuntu Meeting Minutes

For people who missed the Edubuntu meeting last Wednesday, here are the minutes:

Attendees: benoitstandre, dfarning, highvoltage, kaingeo, LaserJock, Lns, morgs, nubae, ogra, rockstar, stgraber, and tomeu

LaserJock chaired the meeting and the agenda was located as always at:

Topic: Introduction of the Sugar environment

morgs presented an introduction. “Sugar is the educational platform / user interface originally developed for One Laptop Per Child, now operating as a separate upstream project under the governance of Sugar Labs.” He also pointed out the Ubuntu Sugar Team who was working on packages for Sugar. morgs will be starting a discussion on the edubuntu-devel mailing list about integrating Sugar and the Ubuntu Sugar Team into the Edubuntu project.

Topic: Should Edubuntu have a strategy document?

Edubuntu is currently in somewhat of a state of organizational and developmental flux. Edubuntu has become an addon to Ubuntu (rather than a derived full OS), LTSP has moved to the Ubuntu Alternate CD, and the Edubuntu lead developer has moved to the Ubuntu Mobile team. Consequently, LaserJock proposed that creation of an Edubuntu Strategy Document would be a good idea. The idea is based off of the Xubuntu Strategy Document created during Intrepid. LaserJock will create an initial draft and start discussion on the edubuntu-devel mailing list.

Topic: Naming/Branding (“Edubuntu“, “Ubuntu in Education“, “Ubuntu Education Edition“)

As Edubuntu as a project and product have evolved, various branding and marketing initiatives have led to a somewhat unclear and confusing state for the naming and branding of Edubuntu CDs. After some discussion there was agreement that the community should try to work with Canonical to drop “Ubuntu Education Edition“, clarify “Edubuntu” as the community, project, and product it has traditionally been known as, and use “Ubuntu in Education” as a distinct, but related, term to describe the use of the Ubuntu family of products in Education.

Topic: Drop Alternate CD LTSP installation and instead use GUI from Ubuntu Desktop

There was a brief discussion around a proposal added to the agenda to remove LTSP from the Ubuntu Alternate CD and instead have a GUI installer that would install LTSP on any existing Ubuntu Desktop. ogra and stgraber explained that it was technically not feasible to do.

Topic: Should Edubuntu produce a demo LiveCD?

Since Edubuntu is used as an addon CD there is no live CD available for people to demo it. It was fairly quickly decided that a separate, Ubuntu-based, live CD would be too much maintenance. Additionally, there is not enough space on a single CD to include all of Edubuntu. Creating live USB images was suggested as a possibility. ogra suggested that perhaps Edubuntu could create documentation for creating an image based on the umpc images. ogra also pointed to existing umpc documentation for image modification.


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