Edubuntu shout-out

I want to send a big thank you to Dave Morley for the testing he did for Edubuntu Beta. For Karmic Koala, Edubuntu has made the big jump to a full installation DVD. Since 2006 Edubuntu has gone from a single CD, to a 2 CD set, to an add-on CD, and now to a DVD that has both a Live installer and text-based installer and 3.5 GB of open-source goodness.

Anyway, back to the story. We’ve been struggling this release to get enough testing for the Ubuntu Release Team to officially put out ISOs. I was really getting worried that we’d miss Beta altogether due to a lack of testing. Downloading/rsyncing a DVD is no small matter and there are lots of things to test on a DVD. So imagine my surprise and delight when I did a last minute check of the ISO testing tracker to see that Dave Morley had completed all the tests for both amd64 and i386! Not only that, he’d filed some good bugs for us to look at.

So thanks to Dave, Edubuntu has Beta DVDs available for testing. Rock on!


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