Edubuntu makeover

I haven’t been involved with Edubuntu development for a year now. While I miss the work and especially the great people, I’ve come to see that the project is in great hands (better than mine for sure). Edubuntu made some really important strides in 10.04 with the enhancements made to the DVD installer and live system. One of the neat things that has happened a little more recently was a complete revamping of the website. The work was done by Edubuntu community members Jonathan Carter and StĂ©phane Graber.

Besides being very slick and in-line with the main Ubuntu website, the new is much more community oriented. There are social network badges on the right side to link users to Edubuntu resources on Facebook, YouTube,, Twitter. On the left side there is a widget with the latest Edububtu project status updates on

Overall, I think the new site is much more social and connected to its users. I think it will make the website quite a bit more useful to users and for those wanting to learn more about Edubuntu. From what I hear there might be some more content coming. I’m excited to see what’s next.

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