Daily Journal 10.04.1 released

I’m happy to share with you all that Rick Spencer and I were able to throw together a new release of Daily Journal yesterday.

Daily Journal is a journal application for Ubuntu that keeps one page per day. The focus is on letting you take your notes. There is no file management, formatting, or other complexity imposed. If you have a Ubuntuone account, your diary will be automatically synchronized across your computers.
The big change for the 10.04.1 release was that we switched the note navigation from a simple list of dates to a calendar that can be navigated.

Daily Journal 11.04.1

The Daily Journal source is: bzr branch lp:daily-journal
You can download Daily Journal from Rick’s PPA:  ppa:rick-rickspencer3/ppa
And of course, if you find any bugs feel free to file them and get in touch with Rick or I if you have any questions or want to help out.

6 thoughts on “Daily Journal 10.04.1 released

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    • It is definitely something I’m interested in. I think our most immediate plan is to add support for very simple TODO list tracking and then I think encryption would be the next on my personal “wishlist”.

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