Emblem Divide

My good friend Pete Savage (cbx33), who I first met when we were both working on Edubuntu, is an incredibly creative guy. A long time ago he had the crazy idea of writing a sci-fi book. Now, I’ve often had fleeting “wouldn’t it be fun to write a book about …” Well, Pete (with some encouragement from his wonderful wife Lisa) decided last year to actual make his dream happen:

One of the coolest things about Emblem Divide is how Pete decided to distribute the book. He is publishing the entire book online, one chapter at a time. So since the beginning of December 2009 Pete has been releasing a chapter of Emblem Divide every two days. With fifty chapters in all, the book will be fully published next Thursday (March 11th).

If that’s not enough, Pete made the awesome decision to give all the donations he receives from Emblem Divide readers to charity.

So at this point, you might be asking, “but is it worth reading?” Absolutely! I found the book very infective, in fact I had a hard time stopping and have read late into the night on a few occasions. So go check it out, and if you like it consider dropping a little donation off, you won’t regret it.