A different type of Git book

I thought maybe Planet Ubuntu readers might find this interesting. Former Ubuntu/Edubuntu developer and all-around good guy Pete Savage is writing a book on Git called Git In the Trenches (gitt for short).


Of course there are many books on version control and Git in particular. Stackoverflow has some suggestions. So why do we need another one? Well, as you probably know, different books will appeal to different people just like different distros, desktop environments, web browsers, etc.What is interesting about Pete’s book is the style/method he’s using. Instead of a “just the facts” quick reference or a long tome on version control theory, Pete is using his experience in novel-writing (Emblem Divide) to teach git through realistic scenarios that let people associate knowledge with experience.

In Git In the Trenches Pete takes the reader though the experiences of a group of software developers at a fictional company. Each chapter represents a week at the company and is broken up into “bite size” days. Each chapter includes an “After Hours” section where Pete allows readers who are more interested in the guts of git to dig a bit deeper.

As of now Pete’s up to 8 chapters (weeks) and about 300 pages. I think it is an exciting project and I know he’d appreciate feedback from Ubuntu Planet readers. If you want to have a look, Pete’s got the LaTeX source on github. Enjoy!