going mouseless

I’ve been using my laptop quite a bit lately. I’ve been working on my PhD dissertation and taking my laptop back-and-forth from home to school every day. I started  noticing that my wrist was really beginning to hurt. I decided to try to find a better window manager for keyboard use.

I tried a bunch and ended up using Xmonad in Gnome for a while. Xmonad is a really nice tiling window manager written in Haskell (which I don’t know). Since I normally run my two primary apps, Firefox and gnome-terminal/terminator, maximized I didn’t notice to big of a difference. However, some apps just don’t fit all that well in a tiling WM model and I’m thinking of switching back to metacity/compiz. However, I want to keep the ability to primarily use the keyboard.

So, I wonder what kind of tricks/tips you all have for running “mouseless” in Ubuntu?