random bits

OK, so rather than my usually long and boring posts I’m going to try to do some smaller/quicker posts just so I can get some thoughts out without it turning into some boring epic that nobody wants to read 😉

  • the latest discussion about appropriateness of Planet Ubuntu posts – even though Stephan can’t seem to stay out of trouble I really feel that the problem is with this one little sentence: “Planet Ubuntu is a window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors.” I think we’ve perhaps grown too large to not limit aggregation to Ubuntu-related posts. [Edit: After some further thought I think I might change my position a bit. I’ll give more info in a follow-up post]
  • upcoming Ubuntu QA team meeting – tomorrow (23rd) at 17:00UTC we’ll be having a meeting in #ubuntu-meeting. There’s a few agenda items that people might be interested in so if you’d like to contribute feel free to drop by.
  • hiking this weekend – my wife and I hiked Mt. Rose this weekend with some friends from church. Total the hike was ~10.6 miles (17 km) and had a ~1,900 ft. (579 m) elevation gain. We started at 8,900 ft. (2710 m) and it took us 7 hrs to hike to the summit, eat a quick lunch, and get back to the trailhead. You skinny hiking fanatics might not be impressed, but it was the longest/hardest hike I’ve done.
  • related to the previous item, anybody have a good suggestion on a place to put pics of my hike and other events? I’ve heard both good and bad things about Picasa and Flickr, what would you suggest? I’m looking for a pretty easy, simple, storage and sharing site.