Edubuntu Meeting Minutes

The meeting was well attended with lots of new people (awesome!), attendees included:
bencrisford, nestor, Timequeezer, abruptus, Svenstaro, Lns, LaserJock, asanchez, pygi, Ahmuck, davidgroos, alkisg, jt4sugar, nubae, and some stragglers.

Agenda Item: Lns / nubae – Are they in Edubuntu-members yet?

Due to having only 2 out of 5 Edubuntu Council members still available, it is necessary to reestablish the Council, which is tasked with approval of new members. The Ubuntu Community Council, who has delegated the membership approval to the Edubuntu Council, should be consulted.

Action: LaserJock will send email to edubuntu-devel and Ubuntu Community Council to figure out how to reestablish the EC

Agenda Item: How to effectively advocate/market Edubuntu to schools/school districts

Because the future of what Edubuntu will look like is still in process it is difficult to have a specific discussion on potential marketing and advocacy initiatives. However the idea of collaborating with the Ubuntu Students team was brought up as a general strategy.

Action Item: bencrisford is to email edubuntu-devel with more details for the idea of working with the Ubuntu Students team on marketing

Agenda Item: How teams will be structured in future.

There are currently 14 non-LoCo Launchpad teams related to Edubuntu. Many of the teams are no longer in use or are owned by people who have left the project. A review needs to be done on the teams, and evaluation of what teams are still needed, and work with Launchpad administrators to do the cleanup. It was suggested by nubae to look at how Sugar has organized their teams.

Action Item: Lns will spearhead the Launchpad team cleanup process

Agenda Item: Attracting developers/contributors to the Edubuntu project.

There was a lot of discussion about the lack of developers and contributors in Edubuntu. There were lots of suggestions including:

  • demo videos to show potential contributors what kind of things are available
  • getting Ubuntu Students involved
  • something like Google Summer of Code, but for Edubuntu/Education
  • having more specific objectives and tasks for people to do
  • better documentation
  • mentoring

Action Item: pygi to start thread on edubuntu-devel about building the developer community
Action Item: bencrisford to look into collaboration opportunities with the Ubuntu Learning project

At the end of the meeting there was a general discussion of where Edubuntu is heading and how to move it forward. A major concern is that having Edubuntu as an add-on CD to Ubuntu has been a detriment to users and caused a decrease in interest and users. Anecdotal evidence indicates that a single installation medium is very desirable. Everyone was also encouraged to read the draft Strategy Document and comment on it.

Action Item: nubae and alkisg to look into the possibility of going back to single install disk/media

P.S. The raw log is available. The meeting starts at 19:00

Edubuntu Meeting Minutes

Today we had another great Edubuntu team meeting.  Here is a condensed version of what we covered:

Review of the Edubuntu Strategy
Much of the meeting was spent going over the Edubuntu Strategy Document and related issues including:

  • Clarification of educational level categorizations by mapping student age ranges with categories
    • DISCUSSION: Grade level and educational categorizations vary from country to country. Teachers and administrators need to know what software, artwork, etc. apply to them and their students.
    • ACTION:  RichEd to send email seeking comment on age ranges for preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary designations
    • ACTION:  RichEd will draft the South Africa and out the UK mapping tonight and send to the others for input … LaserJock for US, nubae  for Austria, Spain, Germany
  • Edubuntu’s Launchpad team structure needs review and reworking.
    • DISCUSSION: A development team is needed to provide for things like bzr branches and PPAs. The creation of an ~edubuntu-contributors team was discussed as a less “harsh” term than “-dev”.  There is also confusion as to what the difference between the ~edubuntu and ~edubuntu-members teams are for.
    • ACTION:  LaserJock to create edubuntu-dev Launchpad team and arrange for ~edubuntu as an umbrella team to hold all official Edubuntu Launchpad teams
  • Clarification of Edubuntu’s goals/branding/naming
    • DISUCSSION: The debate about the use of “Edubuntu” and “Ubuntu Education” continued. RichEd explained that Canonical would like to use “Ubuntu Education” for the .iso and contents (Canonical-supported applications) for purposes of marketing to OEMs and leveraging of Ubuntu’s brand strength. The community members agreed with this. Further, the “Edubuntu” term will be used for the project, community, and community-supported packaging.
    • ACTION:  LaserJock to draft “Edubuntu and Ubuntu Education” clarification statement and run it by RichEd et. al

Review of Jaunty specs and tasks (see Roadmap)

The Edubuntu RoadMap was reviewed and several ideas for Jaunty tasks were added. LaserJock encouraged everyone to think of bitesized, feasible tasks for the Jaunty timeframe and add them to the RoadMap. This will allow the team to track efforts and give a place for new contributors to “plug in”.

Set date/time for next meeting

Same time, same place, in two weeks. That is January 21st, 18:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.