The new and improved Ubuntu QA

For the last couple weeks I’ve been working behind the scenes on creating a community Ubuntu QA (quality assurance) team. For quite a while Canonical has largely driven QA efforts in Ubuntu and I firmly believed that the community can and should step up in this area (see this wiki page for more background information).

So, long story short, I’m announcing that a community-driven Ubuntu QA team is up and running! The IRC channel is #ubuntu-quality and the mailing list is ubuntu-qa.

From the team wiki page:

The Ubuntu QA team is focused on developing tools, policies, and practices for ensuring Ubuntu’s quality as a distribution as well as providing general advice, oversight, and leadership of QA activities within the Ubuntu project.

In general, QA in Ubuntu is broken down into the following areas:

  • Defect Management (Bug Triage)
  • Quality Control (Update, Application, and Pre-Release Testing)
  • Quality Assurance (Verification of Changes, Policy Compliance Review)
  • Product Improvement (Development)

Getting Involved

The main entry points for working on QA tasks are the BugSquad and Testing Team, however feel free to drop by #ubuntu-quality, if you are interested in Ubuntu QA.

Because Ubuntu QA is a coordination/development/working team the membership guidelines are:

  • Individuals, not teams may be members.
  • Expectations are that members have already been doing some QA work in the community, show a commitment to QA, and have some sort of plan for work they want to do. Ubuntu Membership and membership in a relevant QA team (see the list below) is generally what we are looking for.
  • Memberships expire annually and can be renewed by members themselves.
  • People from all areas of QA are encouraged to join.

What kinds of things does Ubuntu QA do?

  • Coordinate between the various QA-related teams
  • Build communities around QA work and help them run smoothly
  • Provide lead-from-the-front leadership to Ubuntu’s QA projects
  • Assess and communicate Ubuntu’s QA needs
  • Develop tools and services needed in Ubuntu QA work
  • Work on creating consistent and efficient QA-related policies
  • whatever else comes up or people want to contribute

Huge props go to Emmet Hikory, Steve Beattie, Henrik Omma, and the rest of the team for helping this get launched.

So stay tuned for more exciting QA developments, feel free to contribute, and rock on!