Taking a look at Mercurial

So I’m a little bit of a VCS junkie. I’m not particularly a heavy VCS user, I mostly use them to track projects, occasionally submit a patch here or there, and keep personal coding and school projects safe. One of the most annoying things about the current DVCS situation is there are several good ones available. Git has become enormously popular thanks to its fast speed, power, and GitHub. Bazaar is sort of the anti-git. Bazaar was slower (it’s gotten much better with 2.0) but more friendly and I think technically more cautious. Bazaar was also funded by Canonical and so it was a logically choice for Launchpad and Ubuntu.

The VCS I never really got was Mercurial. It seemed like the best of both worlds, fast, pythonic, easy to use. However, I never really got the hang of it and either rolled over to popular and fast git or to the friendly and flexible bazaar. Some things lately have had me rethinking my early discounting of Mercurial though. Mercurial has some interesting points such as the way it handles the working tree, does revision naming, converts other DVCSes really well, has quite a number of extensions build in. And of course there’s Bitbucket.

So my question is, what has been your experience with Mercurial? I’m especially interested in how people compare it with Bazaar since they seem fairly similar in their goals. I don’t however need a flame war, please give some specific experiences (preferably recent) or detailed reasoning. I’m looking for compare-and-contrast.