who does your DVCS remind you of?

I’ve been looking around again at DVCS comparisons. I’ve used Bazaar, then Git, then Bazaar, now I’m thinking of trying out Mercurial. I can’t say I’m really happy with any of them (sometimes I wish for the SVN days again) but I’d like to find one that I can settle on.

Normally the git vs bzr vs hg sites have lots of technical details about branching, documentation, Windows support, speed, etc. but today I found a particularly fun way to compare:

Mercurial is your smart friend who likes to explain things to you. Git is your genius coworker who sighs and rolls his eyes every time you ask him a question.

So how would you describe your favorite VCS?

4 thoughts on “who does your DVCS remind you of?

  1. The only thing I know is that RCS is gay that’s the way I will describe it. no offense for the guy who did it but i spent countless hours trying to recover files from screwed RCS shit…….

    Sorry for my language but i had to say it, my company (big bank) are still using RCS for management how dumb is that, isn’t it ?

  2. bzr is like your mother accepts anything (other vcs support) and cleans everytime (merging a branch results in one commit in standard log).

    Hg is a small efficient rats nest. It’s very cosy to work with.

    Git is still complex factory. Try using git.gnome.org why do i need to clone all branches? Especially the ones with last commit “created by csv2svn”

  3. A workhorse. Bzr is easy to use, simple, gets the job done. I’m aware it’s not a racing horse but it’s other qualities means I’m spending less time being frustrated and more time being productive.

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